and Restricted Items

Please see below a list of items that you cannot send in your luggage. General toiletries are fine such as shampoo, toothpaste & shower gels but you CANNOT send Perfumes, Aftershaves or any Aerosol Canisters such as deodorant or hairspray.

You must not pack the following items in your checked baggage
  • Explosives: Fireworks flares toy gun caps

  • Compressed gases: Gas cylinders, aerosols (other than medicines/toiletries for travel

  • Flammable substance: Lighter fuel paints thinners, fire lighters, cigarette lighters containing unabsorbed lighter fuel

  • Oxidizers: Some bleaching powder acids chemicals

  • Organic peroxides: Hair or textile dyes fiberglass repair kits certain adhesives

  • Poisons: Arsenic cyanide weed killers

  • Irritating materials: Tear gas devices such as mace, pepper sprays

  • Infectious substances: Biological products and/or diagnostic specimens containing pathogens

  • Radioactive materials: Medical or research samples which contain radioactive sources

  • Corrosives: Acids, alkalis,wet-cell batteries caustic soda mercury

  • Magnetized materials: Magnetrons, instruments containing strong magnets.

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