can't leave that one item behind?

When it comes to personal effects shipping….you have arrived at the right destination 😉

Billion has years in experience when it comes to assisting clients who are moving abroad to take that special something or even entire household belongings with…

When considering shipping personal effects it might sound easy but do not be fooled that this is one of the most specialised services and you would need to be sure your agent knows his way around…

Some tips on preparation:

  1. Packing list for customs pusposes
  2. Fumigation requirements
  3. Ask us about PROHIBITED ITEMS
  4. Be sure to check destination permits – can lead to uncalled Vat, Duty and Penalties.
  5. Be sure to check volume vs Actual weight

Tips on packing:

  1. Utilise dead space – Avoid packing and leaving too much space – this increases volume and leads to higher chargeable weight.
  2. Make use of plastic crates, ideal for protection and light in weight.
  3. Avoid flimsy old carton boxes.
  4. Number boxes to correspond with packing list.
  5. Remove batteries from toys and other items.
  6. Remember wooden items must be treated or fumigated.

Have a look at our Billion Box:

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  • Personalize your moving experience
  • Different sizes tailored to meet your need
  • Air & Ocean Freight available.
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