Air Freight Packaging Pointers. Introduction. Shipments must be properly packed to ensure damage-free transportation with ordinary care in handling.

Most carriers prefer that you fasten two bands going each way along the pallet. It is also important that a proper pallet with runners is used crates freight moved and crates should be secured

Packing Materials Perfect for Air Freight Shipments

Using Corrugated Fiberboard boxes: Commonly mislabeled as cardboard cartons or boxes. CFB’s are the most commonly used shipping container, but an overwhelming majority of people are unaware of the package’s strengths and weaknesses.

A few examples of household objects include pesticides, acids, aerosols, perfumes, bleaches, matches, cigarette lighters, camping stoves with liquid fuel or compressed gas, anything that contains or has contained petrol, such as lawn mowers, chainsaws, brushcutters, model aircraft etc, batteries, fireworks, sparklers.

Another way to pack smart is to reduce the amount of support packaging involved in cargo. Airbags, strapping, blocking, and bracing are all used to prevent goods from knocking around and becoming damaged during transportation.

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