Trusted Expertise Across Industries

Whether facilitating the efficient transport of raw materials in the mining industry, ensuring the freshness of agricultural products, handling personal effects with care, or managing the logistics of critical medical equipment, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

With a dynamic approach and a focus on tailored solutions, Billion Company is poised to meet the distinctive demands of various industries, exemplifying our dedication to versatility and client satisfaction.


Elevating trust through Billion Company’s specialised services in mining, agriculture, personal effects, medical equipment, and beyond.

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From farm to table, our temperature-controlled logistics ensure the freshness and integrity of agricultural products.

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Billion tailors clearing and forwarding for diverse agricultural needs, offering air and sea freight for large items. Contact us for efficient sea freight solutions for your expansion plans.

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Live Animals

Whether it's pets, livestock, or exotic species, our specialized expertise ensures the well-being of your live cargo throughout their journey.

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Medical Equipment

Billion stands at the forefront of delivering specialized logistics solutions for the healthcare industry, ensuring the seamless and secure transportation of critical medical equipment.

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Billion ensures swift global shipping for automotive parts, utilising airfreight and courier services for time-critical shipments and cost-effective Sea Freight for larger items like engine blocks.

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Air freight is crucial for time-sensitive mining industry needs, preventing production losses, while sea freight is commonly used for relocating entire mining operations.

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Dangerous Goods

We specialize in shipping dangerous goods— substances posing risks during transportation. Contact us for more information on Dangerous Goods

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Valuable Goods

Valuable cargo are treated with high security measures and are tracked from origin to destination, these types of goods requires extra security throughout the entire transport process, this type of cargo also requires special handling.

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Personal Effects

With years of experience, Billion specializes in assisting clients moving abroad, whether it's a special item or entire household belongings. Shipping personal effects is a specialized service, and our expertise ensures a smooth process you can trust.

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Human Remains

Billion ensures top-class international transport for repatriation of human remains, facilitating the respectful transfer from the deceased's residence to another country for burial.