Excess Baggage

& Personal Effects

At airports excess baggage, sport equipment,  and other oversize personal effects are subject to exorbitant excess baggage charges when you exceed prescribed luggage limits. These unexpected surprises lead to last minute reshuffling between bags and the stress of deciding between losing something dear to you or paying more than the item/s might be worth.

The Billion Company has a unique baggage delivery service that allows you to travel light while we handle your unaccompanied baggage or additional items at a fraction of airline costs. 

No more waiting for your baggage in endless queues, paying incredible amounts, or having goods lost or broken… With Billion, your exes baggage is of high priority! Shipping suitcases is one of our specialties; it’s safe and reliable. With our DOOR 2 DOOR delivery service, we will get your extra baggage to you without having to collect it from the airport.

So, when planning your next cycling trip, skiing adventure, or outdoor holiday, let us help you travel burden free. Whether you are looking at shipping bicycle equipment, snowboards, golf clubs, skiing accessories, surfboards or fishing gear, we have an air freight solution for you. 

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