We bring it, you pack it!

  • Personalize your moving experience;

  • Different sizes tailored to meet your need;

  • Air & Ocean Freight available. 

Size & Load Specs:

  1. Small: ​       150x100x100cm (loads 250kg)

  2. Medium:   200x150x150cm (loads 750kg)

  3. Large:        250x200x150cm (loads 1250kg)

In a rush? Then we recommend Air Freight.

Got some time? Then we recommend Ocean Freight.


  • We build a strong wooden crate based on the option you choose. This ensures that your cargo is kept safe from damage/theft/rain etc. 
  • We arrange a date to bring the box to you so that you can pack your belongings in it. 
  • Note that before we deliver, you will need to pack your goods into boxes etc. When we deliver the box, you can pack all your goods securely into the box and seal it. 
  • From there it will be deliver back to our warehouse where we weigh in to get the final chargeable weight.
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