Air Freight Services

Are you planning to do car shipping or shipping of automotive parts?

With the current high demand for motor vehicle parts across the globe and the continuous manufacturing of such commodities, Billion can assist with fast car shipping and shipping of all vehicle parts. 

In most cases, automotive spare parts and car shipping are time-sensitive. As the production line stops, it can cause revenue loss for manufacturers. 

Billion can assist with the fast shipping of automotive parts across the globe with our different transport options. For time-critical shipments, airfreight and our courier option are the most convenient to ship such items.

More oversized items, such as engine blocks with a substantial weight, are not time critical and are shipped via Sea Freight, which is the most cost-effective option for high-density cargo, and would also save cost for the shipper.

At Billion, we offer great shipping rates for all worldwide destinations. We provide information on import regulations and customs clearance so you can make an informed choice when shipping your car.

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