Air Freight

Billion takes pride in its IATA accreditation, a testament to our commitment to excellence in air transportation. This accreditation, granted by the International Air Transport Association, signifies compliance with industry standards, ensuring a superior level of service for our customers. With Billion's IATA accreditation, customers benefit from streamlined processes, heightened reliability, and the assurance of industry-best practices in every aspect of air freight services. Additionally, our direct collaboration with airlines enables us to provide competitive pricing, further enhancing the value we bring to our clients in the realm of international air transport.

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Types of Cargo

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Ensuring the safe and timely delivery of temperature-sensitive goods.

live animals transportation.

Live Animals

Providing specialized care and attention to ensure the well-being of live animals during transportation.

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Ensuring the secure transport of pharmaceutical products with strict adherence to industry standards.



Handling the logistics of automotive products with a focus on safety and efficiency.


Airport To Airport

Experience the seamless service of Airport to Airport (ATA) with Billion! Simply deliver your cargo to us, and we’ll efficiently hand it over to the airline for swift shipment to the destination airport.

Door To Airport

Choose the hassle-free option with Billion, where we take care of every step in the process. Firstly, our team will collect your cargo directly from your address. Subsequently, we’ll manage the secure transportation of your cargo from airport to airport, ensuring a smooth journey.

Door To Door

Door to door consists of Billion collecting the cargo from your address, sending the cargo to your destination by means of air freight, clearing and delivering the goods to your destination address.

Clearance And Delivery

Customs clearance is the process of allowing goods to enter a destination country. If you need this service, Billion can handle the payment of VAT and duties imposed by the destination country.


What you need to know about air freight.

These are not permitted as passenger’s checked or carry-on baggage. Dry ice, gasoline powered tools, wet cell batteries and camping gear with fuel. Infectious substances. Non-radioactive medicinal or toilet articles (including aerosols) such as hairsprays, perfumes, colognes and medicines containing alcohol.
They are two different ways of transporting freight by air: When using a courier service your goods won’t be considered as freight, but as a postal package. This is an ideal option for small, lightweight parcels requiring urgent transport. However, courier companies don’t provide an integral logistics service covering aspects like customs clearance, meaning that you may find yourself faced with delays or surcharges. On the other hand, air freight sent by means of a logistics or forwarding company will guarantee greater security for your operation since its professional team will take care of all necessary details.
  • Air Waybill (AWB): This is the document of title to the goods travelling by air and is therefore non-negotiable. It travels with the cargo and acts as evidence of delivery of the goods travelling on board the plane.
  • Commercial invoice: Document establishing the conditions of sale for the goods and their specifications. Serves as proof of sale.
  • Packing list: A list of the contents in a package, completing the information of the invoice, which must be issued by the sender.
  • Customs clearance authorisation: Document with which an importer or exporter authorises a customs agent to submit one or several customs declarations on their behalf.
High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage. Shipping by air offers the advantage of a high level of security, as the airport safety controls over cargo are tightly managed. Tightly managed airport controls also reduce the cargo exposure to theft and damage.
Cargo Size Acceptability Chart In addition to containerized freight, this aircraft has bulk compartments available for cargo. The maximum single piece weight for these compartments is 350 lbs (158 kgs).